Prediction of responsible kinases

Input query protein as a substrate


  • Uniprot ID (ex. XXX_HUMAN)
  • gene name


Search kinases based on substrates, motif & ppi (for "Accession"), motif;   

  • substrates: The kinase-substrate relationships obtained by in vitro assay are directly used.
  • motif & ppi: The extracted consensus sequences and STRING ppi information (Szklarczyk et al. Nucleic acids research 47.D1 (2018): D607-D613.2) are applied for precidtion of responsible kinases.
  • motif: Only the extracted consensus sequences based on in vitro assay are used for the precidtion.

Prediction of substrates

Select a kinase or directly input kinase name

Select a kinase

Kinase name

  • Uniprot ID
  • kinase name

Search substarates based on substrates, motif & ppi;   

Please cite the following reference

Sugiyama N, Imamura H, Ishihama Y. Large-scale Discovery of Substrates of the Human Kinome. Sci Rep. 2019 Jul 19;9(1):10503.